Different types of lehengas

As you must be aware that a traditional lehenga is something which is very basic broad flare circular cut lehenga which has plates on it that makes way for the flare and volume when paired with the right choli (or top). But if you are a modern bride who would like to aim for something trendy and mesmerizing then you should take a look at all these types of modern lehenegas which are available these days and then buy lehenga online Dubai for yourself.

  • Straight cut lehenga

This is one of the most popular lehenga styles as this is worn by every other person and it compliments every body type well. The significance of this lehenga style is that it has a wrap around skirt with slits at sides that go all the way down so the flare flows in the air when needed.

  • Mermaid style lehenga

This is one of the most innovative styles of lehengas that the designers have been able to put together that is adored by many people. This is the kind of lehenga where that sits snugly till the knees and flows out form there – more like a garara. This kind of lehenga mainly compliments women with an hour glass figure so if you are one of them then you should definitely get this designer lehenga in Dubai.

  • Circular lehenga

As suggested by its name, it is one of the most basic yet most loved lehenga style which has a circular high volume flare to it. This is the kind of lehenga that will give you the perfect instagram swirl. It looks best when paired with a sleeveless top. Go for it if you have an apple body shape because you will be surely able to rock it.

  • A line lehenga

This is the kind of lehenga that only pear body shape can rock. The reason behind this is that this lehenga flare comes down in alphabet A shape with the minimal flare that helps down play the heavy bottom part but instead accentuate the upper body. If you pair this kind of leheanga with puffy sleeves then you are going to rock it.

The main part while choosing from these different styles is that you should also consider the fitting because a loose fit is not going to help you neither is a tight one.