5 Smart Ways To Encourage Your Kid To Study

Most parents find it quite challenging to get their kids to study and do their homework. Studying time becomes a struggle for both the parents and the kids. But teachers in montessori schools in Dubai believe that there are ways to make studying stress-free.

If you are having a hard time making your kids study their lessons, these smart study hacks might be of help:

  1. Lead the way


When you are trying to teach your kid something, the best way to do it is to lead by example. In terms of honing their study habits, you need to start with showing your kids the importance of studying by inclining them to books and other forms of literature. Once you hook them up with this study materials, it would be easier for you to cox them to study their own lessons. The earlier you do this, the better.


  1. Make studying fun


Most kids view studying as a dull and boring activity. In some ways, it can be, especially of the lessons are awfully hard. You need to quash this belief by making studying a bit more fun. Make studying an interesting activity by infusing fun activities alongside with learning. Insert some examples and anecdotes so your kid can relate the lessons to what real life situations. You can also use some visual aids to make it a bit easier.


  1. Offer some rewards


Some parents think that giving incentives might make your kid dependent to such system. But the key here is not to give expensive rewards or gifts. Opt for something simpler like treating them to an ice cream parlor or allowing them to do something they love after studying. Try to be creative on giving incentives and make it interesting as well. Surprise rewards are the best since your kids would have to guess what it is.


  1. Provide a learning space


Kids are often distracted by TV and other things. If you want to instill good studying habits, provide them a space that is solely dedicated to learning. Usually, they do this in their rooms. But having a study room would set the tone and keep them focused.


  1. Do not stress them out


Some parents like their kids to get ahead of the game by forcing them to study. But this can backfire in the long run. Do not stress out your kids from studying. Lessons are stressful enough. Try to teach them to study smart instead of studying harder. A nurseries in jumeirah recommends to create a study guide that your kids can follow.